About Me

LeeAnn Brissett

annierocket is a home on the interwebs. It is MY home and dammit I left the door open so come on in already, it’s fuggin’ hot outside!!!  You KNOW I live in South Florida so in 5 seconds you will be on fire from that heat.

My name is LeeAnn Brissett. Yup! capital “A” no space. Don’t get it wrong because my dad will come for you!!!!

Daughter, Sister, Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker and Crafty Chick is usually my tagline on social media. Keeping it for now, it tells no lies. I use my hands, I am a creative, I am a maker and I find visual solutions to  the problems in the world. How’s that for dramatic?

I am a self-proclaimed nerd (fine…other people also call me a nerd) who is on this constant quest for growth and being the best version of me.  Calm down, lets not get this too twisted now. I’m an interesting character and I like myself a lot so I’m not trying to  change myself, just trying to smooth out these edges, do right by others and set some damn examples for at least one or two people in the world.

I laugh a lot, I curse a lot,  I change my hair A LOT, I am always on a “diet” and I love matte lipstick. By stepping through these doors you’ll see and hear great things, things that will move you, things that will “crack you up”, things that will make you cry and definitely some shit that will piss you off…you know, just like at your friend’s house. You know, the one you keep complaining about but still you go back.

That’s the goal here. I want to take you on this journey with me and all I can do is hope you like it here and come back.